Acasă Interviews A Romanian woman wrote a book about a Korean animated series

A Romanian woman wrote a book about a Korean animated series


Cristina Ducu  A Romanian woman wrote a book about a Korean animated series A Romanian woman wrote a book about a Korean animated series attachment1Cristina Ducu wrote a book about the Korean cartoon version of Popeye the Sailor. She is an actress and lives in South Korea. In the interview below, Cristina talks with the readers about her book and the animation.

Tell me about yourself. How did you come to write a book about a Korean animated series? Also, why did you choose to live in Korea? What are you doing? I understand you’re an actress? Do you give voice to animated characters in Korea?

About me… I am a happy person, funny, dreamy, i love all people around me and i try to make them feel good, though i don’t succees always, but you can not always make everyone happy, right?

Film director Young Man Kang told me about Kimchi Warrior animation series and i loved the idea. After then i proposed to him to write a book after his series. He accepted and that was it. We started working.

I chosed to live in Korea because i belong to that place, i love the country their history and culture. I learned a lot from them and my experience in Korea greatly changed my character. I can say that i’m a better person.

Yes, I am an actress. I study acting at EcArt School, the school of a romanian actor. Soon i will go back to Korea and continue my career there. I don’t currently offer any animated character voice, but after the book will be published, will be a series of videos in which i read to a child before sleep the story of Kimchi Warrior.

What is it about in your book?

In the book is about Kimchi Warrior, a slender cabbage,discovered by Kimchi Master in the heart of the Valley of Bulk Leaves. The Master trains hin in every day to defend humanity from the most notorious existing diseases (swine flu, mad cow disease, malaria, avian flu, etc.) convened in Dark Kingdom by the Lord Disease.

An entire vegetables family lives in the Valley of Bulk (Radish, Cabbage, Mustard, Green Onion, Gochu a red pepper very spicy that Kimchi is in love) and not only.
In each chapter Kimchi makes new friend who changes little the story from the film series and he has new adventures. We can find out at what can be useful 4Eyes (a spider very cute) Cricket (thermometer and singer), S Lion (a sea lion who lives on the island Dokdo) Mong Mong (a dog white like snow and very shaggy), etc.
Kimchi Warrior obtains supernatural power by consuming th most proeminent korean dish, kimchi.

We can learn many lessons of nutrition and techniques to keep our body healthy.
Readers can find the book soon in libraries in Romania, then in other countries in Europe and in June in South Korea.

What animated movies do you like?

I really like a lot Happy Feet. I have tattoo with him on my hand. I find myself in this character.

When I was little I watched Happy Tree Friends. Notice that all contain „Happy”, right?


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