Acasă News „Baxter” by Ty Coyle

„Baxter” by Ty Coyle


Baxter "Baxter" by Ty Coyle „Baxter” by Ty Coyle Baxter„The Savannah College of Art and Design by many talented student artists.

This film came together with the help of over 40 student artists. As students, we all learned a great deal from each other about film making, time management, and collaboration. We were all excited with how this film came together because we were all learning, growing, and having fun during its production. I think every so often, we all might have a little ‘Baxter’ inside of us.

It was our goal to make the viewers laugh, smile, or simply giggle” (Ty Coyle)

The 41st Annual Student Academy Awards – The Student Oscars – Best Animated Film Nominee
Winner – Best Animation – The Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival 2013
Winner – Best Student Film – The New Jersey Film Festival Spring 2014
Winner – Best Animation – The River Bend Film Festival 2014
Winner – Best Animation – The Atlanta Underground Film Festival 2014
Winner – Outstanding Achievement in Animation – Williamsburg International Film Festival 2014
Winner – Award of Merit – Best Shorts Competition 2014


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