Acasă English Cartoon Network launches “Gumball Sky Streaker”, a free mobile app

Cartoon Network launches “Gumball Sky Streaker”, a free mobile app


Help set the most random world record ever with the all-new free “Gumball Sky Streaker” mobile app!

Now available for FREE on iOS

Just when you thought you’d heard of the most bizarre world record imaginable, Cartoon Network has introduced “Gumball Sky Streaker”, an all-new mobile app featuring the most random “no-trousers world record” challenge. Based on the hit animated family sitcom The Amazing World of Gumball, the mobile game stars all your favourite characters from the town of Elmore.

After flipping through a ‘Dumb World Records’ book, Richard, the patriarch of the Watterson family, comes up with the less-than-brilliant idea to set a new “no-trousers world record”. Richard’s kids, Gumball and Darwin, are less than impressed with their dad’s plan and set out to stop the 6 foot 4 pink rabbit from embarrassing them.

In Gumball Sky Streaker, players must direct Richard to climb high up into the sky as fast as he can to avoid being caught by Gumball and Darwin. Each successful climb will add one coin to the player’s score and give Richard some extra time to escape his kids! As Richard climbs higher and higher, he must avoid running into any trousers and t-shirts – if he hits any clothing along the way he’ll end up “getting dressed”, thus failing his attempt to break the “no-trousers world record” and the game will be over.

Produced in the UK, The Amazing World of Gumball cleverly combines live action with 2D and 3D animation to chart the adventures of the energetic and fearless blue cat – Gumball – and his idiosyncratic family, The Wattersons. The series is created by Ben Bocquelet, executive produced by Sarah Fell and directed by Mic Graves.


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