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The House of Magic/ Casa magicianului 3D – la cinema din 15 august (VIDEO)


The House of Magic: Casa magica 3D The House of Magic/ Casa magicianului 3D - la cinema din 15 august (VIDEO) The House of Magic/ Casa magicianului 3D – la cinema din 15 august (VIDEO) The House of Magic Casa magica 3D

Forum Film Romania va distribui un film de animatie european. Este vorba despre productia belgiana The House of Magic/ Casa magicianului 3D, regizat de Jeremy Degruson si Ben Stassen (Aventurile lui Sammy 1 si 2, Fly Me to the Moon/ Sa zburam spre luna 3D).

Productia cinematografica este realizata de nWave Pictures, studiou specializat in documentare 3D IMAX si filme de animatie 3D (Aventurile lui Sammy 1 si 2, Fly Me to the Moon/ Sa zburam spre luna 3D).

Fly Me To The Moon (2008), regizat de Ben Stassen, a fost primul lungmetraj de animatie produs de nWave Pictures si prima animatie produsa in intregime in 3D.

In 1996, Thrill Ride, documentar produs de nWave Pictures, a figurat pe lista celor mai bune 50 de filme si a ramas in top timp de 70 de saptamini la rind. Documentarele lor, precum SOS planet, au fost vizionate de zeci de milioane de oameni din toata lumea.

In prezent, nWave Pictures este lider mondial in productia de filme 3D pentru cinematografe IMAX si parcuri de distractii.

O pisica curioasa ajunge in casa unui mag vechi si invata secretul trucurilor lui. Astfel incepe o aventura incredibila, plina de umor si de pericol.

Mai jos aveti  descriererea personajelor din filmul de animatie The House of Magic/ Casa magicianului 3D.



Hero of the movie, Thunder is a cute-looking cat who behaves much like a 12 year old child. He’s clumsy and inexperienced at the beginning of the story, but the events will reveal that he’s smart and keen, creative, capable of thinking out of the box, and full of courage.

Thunder is a domestic cat; he can’t stand living alone on the street. Traumatized by his abandonment, his goal is to find a new home, a new family. He’s beholden to Lawrence who adopts him without any prejudice.

Jack and Maggie don’t accept this adoption, even if Thunder never eats mice. However, the cat will have to prove he has his place in Lawrence’s house.

Maggie is a small white mouse used by Lawrence in his magic shows. She’s about 40 human years old. She’s nervous, easily angry; sometimes mean spirited. Quick to prejudge, she hates cats. She doesn’t trust the newcomer Thunder, even if he does his best to be nice.

Her bodyguard is Jack, Lawrence’s rabbit. Together they form a kind of duo to protect the house from strangers. She’s loyal to him, and always obeys his orders, even if they are stupid or risky. However, Maggie is very brave. Facing danger, she will come to understand that Thunder can be an ally…

Jack is a white rabbit of 60 human years old. He’s Lawrence’s oldest pet, but still useful for his magic performances. Always bad-tempered and grumpy, he’s the leader of the team composed of animals and automatons living in Lawrence’s house.
Like Maggie, he doesn’t like Thunder. Very jealous, he thinks that the young cat is going to replace him.

Lawrence is a 75 year old happy and eccentric man living in a huge house with his pets and automatons. He used to be a famous international magician, but he retired and now occasionally performs at the local hospital. Despite his age, he is still healthy and during his shows, we do not notice his age.

He’s an illusionist, and doesn’t have any real magic powers. An excellent craftsman, he built his automatons (“the Gizmos”) for his shows and to help him in his house. A bit dreamy, he doesn’t always notice the world around him (he forgets to pay his bills, and doesn’t maintain his house properly…), which really annoys his nephew, Daniel.

Lawrence is very attached to his big house, it has been in his family for generations of magicians; but now it’s highly coveted.

Daniel is Laurence’s nephew; his only living relative. He’s a successful 33 year old salesman and owner of a real estate agency. At first look he seems to be the ideal nephew, but in reality he’s a self-centered yuppie, who doesn’t like taking care of others. His uncle Lawrence is a burden to him, and he does not hesitate to sell his house behind his back.

Impatient, nervous, impulsive, stubborn… Daniel is the “bad guy” of the movie. But he’s allergic to cat hair, and Thunder will become his most effective opponent in the house.

Edison is a small, kind of walking light bulb used by Lawrence as a flashlight. He’s the most cute and clumsy creation of the magician. Sweet, curious and open-minded, this little automaton can show his expressions using different wire shapes inside his bulb.

Saved by Thunder, he will always be a faithful friend to the cat.

Carlo & Carla
Carlo and Carla form an Italian couple of white doves of 40 in human years. They assist Lawrence during his magic tricks. Carlo is brave, direct and loyal. He always obeys Jack’s orders. Carla is somewhat naïve, but very nice: She immediately accepts Thunder.

Carlo & Carla seem to be the most loving couple of the world!

Kiki is an adult Chihuahua, Lasondra Johnson’s pet who lives in the Lawrence’s neighborhood. His deep Hispanic voice contrasts with his tiny body and pink clothes. Fearful, he thinks Lawrence’s house is haunted. He always talks a lot and can be really annoying.

Witness to all of Thunder’s troubles, Kiki will be of crucial help to the cat. They will become very good friends.


The Gizmos
The Gizmos are a group of cute automatons created by Lawrence for his shows and to help him around the house. They can’t speak, but do understand what people say. They use their body language (and/or small mechanical noises) to express themselves. They move, act and think like 5 year old kids. They are afraid of adults, especially Daniel. Like good little soldiers, they obey Lawrence or Jack’s orders, but they also have common sense.

If they are stressed (if their beloved master has a terrible accident for example), they stop moving and freeze.

The Gizmo team includes: Edison, Gunther, Clara, Chef, Bubble Tom, Vintage Meg, Grammy, Sphery, Trunk, Twiggy, Twigga, Twiggoo, Tyson, Ding, Dang, Dong, Brika, Cronien, Stomp, Freak, Handy, Sprinkly.

Gunther is a big shy automaton, who looks like a happy Tyrolean dancer.
Inside his belly, he’s got a kind of mini theater, where small figurines are dancing.
He’s one of the strongest automatons of the group, and loves to party.

Clara is a very gracious ballerina. She looks fragile but she can fight if necessary. She takes care of the others automatons; helps them if they are wounded.

Chef is the bigger domestic automaton created by Lawrence. He cooks Lawrence’s meals, make pancakes, etc. The kitchen is his home. He’s got extended arms and multiple tools.
He’s the strongest automaton of the team.

Bubble Tom
Bubble Tom is a funny-walking dog that can make smoke or bubbles. A bit fragile, he loses bubbles when he’s afraid.

Vintage Meg
Meg is a walking movie projector with a vintage look. He displays antique motion picture clips like Méliès, Murnau, and other stop-motion pioneers.

Grammy is an old phonograph that can walk. When he’s not moving, he looks like a normal turntable. He plays different styles of music depending of the situation. He can be scratchy when he’s afraid…

Sphery is a funny-walking ball covered with lenses. Used by Lawrence in his shows, he creates incredible environments with his multicolored lights.

Trunk is a funny-walking trunk used to move things. He’s put on the back of Lawrence’s bike to carry Lawrence’s magic stuff.

Twiggy, Twigga, Twiggoo
Three small flying automatons that can grab little objects like keys, hats, umbrellas…

Tyson is an elephant-shaped vacuum cleaner. Powerful, practical, independent.
Ding, Dang, Dong
Three small walking bells with tiny legs. Happy and curious, they are little feisty and sometimes hit each other making a lot of noise.

Brika is a strange oneman-band automaton with drum, bells, and trumpet. He makes a lot of noise when he rolls.

Cronien is an unusual camera, who walks on two legs. With his hat and his cane, he performs funny little dances for the public. He’s a very good tap dancer too.

Stomp is the most curious automaton of the group. He’s a bubble gum dispenser that can walk and spew bubble gum!

Freak is a freaky walking phone. His legs are too small, and he walks on his hands.

Handy is a hand automaton that can move alone… it can be scary.

Sprinkly is a walking watering can, which takes care of Lawrence’s plants.

Dylan is a 12 year old asthmatic boy being treated at the hospital. He’s smart and rebellious, sometimes sad. He loves when Lawrence comes and performs incredible magic tricks in the hospital. Dylan makes a kind of duo with Isabelle, they both really like the old man.

Isabelle (Izzie)
Isabelle is a cute 8 year old girl being treated at the hospital. She maintains good spirits and vitality. She likes animals, mainly cats. She and Dylan are buddies and both really like Lawrence and his magic shows.

Diego, Diana, Dora, Doug
These 4 kids are the other children treated at the hospital with Dylan & Isabelle. They all love Lawrence and his magic shows. When they see Thunder for the first time, they find the cat fantastic.

Nurse Baxter
Mrs.Baxter is a very strict and disciplinary nurse working at the hospital. An old maid of 50, she works in the pediatric department but seems not to be made for this. She’s not very nice with the children and treats them roughly.

Mrs. Lasondra Johnson
Mrs. Johnson is a southern belle. 50 years old, always dressed in pink, she’s strong and a complainer. She loves animals, particularly her pet KIKI, a Chihuahua. She treats him like her own child. She’s very interested in Lawrence’s house.

Mr. and Mrs. Willis
Mr & Mrs Willis form a rich and arrogant couple. They are around 45 years old, always well-dressed. They hate animals, but love going to charity balls. They are a part of Daniel’s acquaintances, very interested in Lawrence’s house.

Mr. & Mrs. Eames
Mr.& Mrs. Eames are a snobby, trendy 40 year old couple. Mr. Eames is a capricious fashion photographer, always taking Polaroids. Mrs. Eames is an icy renowned fashion designer. They are very interested in Lawrence’s house.

Mark & Mike
Mark & Mike are two movers, 35 years old; not very smart, but very strong. Daniel asked them to get rid of everything inside Lawrence’s house. They are not cowards at all, but their visit will turn into a true nightmare…

Granny is an old woman walking in the streets with her caddy. She’s very slow, and doesn’t really notice Lawrence’s accident. She will eventually call Daniel to sell her house.


Doberman is a dangerous dog living in a house next to Lawrence’s. Like Kiki he’s strangely afraid of Lawrence’s house and doesn’t go onto the property.


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