Interview with Seckin Yalin, director of short film Zafiyet/ Infirmity

„What if a man starts eating everything to assuage his hunger like eating up fast food in a world where needless and useless knowledge as well as smattering invades in people’s brains and also leaves them hungry?”

Graduation project of Seçkin Yalın, Yiğit Pehlivan, Dilan Sarı, Fulya Tokaoğlu. 2011

-Malatya International Film Festival 2011 (Turkey)
-6th Istanbul Animation Festival(Turkey)
-8th Akbank Short Film Festival (Turkey)
-22nd MEDIAWAVE – International Film and Music Festival(Hungary)
-59th Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival (Serbia)
-2nd International Eskisehir King Midas Short Film Festival (Turkey)
-19th. Golden Boll National Student Film Competition (Turkey)
-7th. Anim’est International Animation Film Festival (Romania)
-9th European Animated Film Festival BALKANIMA (Serbia)
-4th International Festival of Animated Films „Tofuzi 2012” (Georgia)
-10th Skena Up International Students Film & Theatre Festival (Kosova)

-10th International Nature Short Film Festival (Turkey) – Best Animated Short Film
-8th AsterFest International Short Film Festival (Macedonia)-Special Jury Mention
-6th International Film Festival „STEPS” (Ukraine)-Best Animation on Enviromental Protection

What does the animation mean for you?

It’s a passion of making something new, looking good and creative. Especially if you are involved in building a short film, it allows you to find the ways of developing film by trial-error and a lot of research.

How did you start in animation film industry?

I’m graduated from Anadolu University, Fine Arts Faculty Animation Department in Eskişehir, Turkey. After that I had an internship opportunity at Ghost VFX in Denmark. That was the first time I worked on a serious project. Since 2010 I’m working as a character animator for a local company in Istanbul. We are producing animated tv series for the Turkish National Kids Channel. At the same time I’m directing my own animation shorts.

From whom did you learn animation?

I learned the basics of animation within my education, and I got more experienced by the time I spend more time practicing, and observing other animators works and ways of approaching into animation.

How would you describe Zafiyet/ Infirmity?

-It was the graduation film of me and 3 other classmates of mine. (Seçkin Yalın, Yiğit Pehlivan, Dilan Sarı, and Fulya Tokaoğlu) We spent more than 6 months to complete the film. I think, we really experienced what we can and can’t do. Zafiyet/Infirmity was a combination of 2d and 3d elements, and it was challenging to develope useful techniques for the production.

What is the message of the film?

Over-consumption is too bad for our planet and the people living on it. Think before you use unnecessary stuff.

How do you manage to make films in this period of crisis?

With a lot of personal effort. Actually next year it will be the first time that I will apply with my new project, for a financial support from the Ministry of Culture And Tourism of my country.

What kind of animated films do you like?

I’m a fan of Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki. At the same time I really like the french short animations. Each day I see more innovative works.

What future projects do you have?

Me and a friend of mine have already started a new short animation project. It’s about the struggle of a friendly mediterranean seal which tries to get away from a greedy fisherman. The technique will be cel – shaded 3d animation. We are also getting help from the people we know that are ready to help. Hopefully it will be ready to see by the end of 2013.

What would you like to do in life that you couldn’t do it because of lack of time, resources, etc..?

I would help the people who work for the environmental problems.

Photo: Seckin Yalin