„Baxter” by Ty Coyle

"Baxter" by Ty Coyle

„Baxter the raccoon makes his way into Granny’s Sweet Shop, but upon entering he gets so obsessed with the candy that he creates his own downfall” (Ty Coyle)

Collaborative project created at the Savannah College of Art and Design by many talented student artists.


„Having the opportunity to view films both student and professional served as an inspiration for me as a young filmmaker. It allowed me the opportunity to explore and experience many different forms of film, medium, and story.

I have always loved making people laugh, and when I had the chance to make an animated film in college I knew I wanted it to be family friendly and humorous. This film came together with the help of over 40 student artist. They helped create this film because they were passionate about the story and it’s character. As students, we all learned a great deal from each other about film making, time management, and collaboration. We were all excited with how this film came together because we were all learning, growing, and having fun during its production. I think every so often, we all might have a little ‘Baxter’ inside of us.

It was my goal to make as many adults, young adults, and children who view this film to either laugh, smile, or simply giggle” (Ty Coyle)

Written and Directed
Ty Coyle

Ty Coyle
Michael Bond IV

Visual Development
Ty Coyle
Delfin Gomez
Jerry Suh
Rachel Schmieg

Character Model
Chris Folea

Character Texture
Terry D. Barnett II
Natalie Greenhill

Character Rig
Kate Kirby-O’Connell

Prop Rig
Nelio Naut

Ty Coyle
Anthony Demeo IV
Ashley Farlow
Monika Gelbmann
Madeline Jackson
Andrew Price
Jaime Russell
Emily Zurl

Environment Modeler
Jordan Hess

Matte Painting
Meg Casey

Lead texture: Natalie Greenhill and Eric Schultz
Kelsey McEwing
Sarah Beggs
JongJik Kim
Ashley Farlow
Rebecca McKee
Jaclyn Lake

Lead Lighter: Alex Corll
Eric Schultz
Jeff Robins
Chris Folea
Rebecca McKee
Kristen Eggleston
Kyle Martin
Jerry Suh
JongJik Kim
Leslie Beldner
William Moten
Dylan Brown
Bryanna London

Jeff Robbins

Sound Designer
Blake Johnson

Darren Prentice

Foley Artist
Derrick Minyard
Ty Coyle

Voice Over
Joey Nasser

Jeff O’Neal