Acasă English Cartoon Network kicks off San Diego Comic-Con with global first look at...

Cartoon Network kicks off San Diego Comic-Con with global first look at the new Ben 10


Cartoon Network has kicked off its presence at San Diego Comic-Con with a Costume Ball and Screening extravaganza. To mark the occasion, Cartoon Network unveiled the world premiere of the new Ben 10, an action series set to debut globally this fall first in Europe and Asia followed by North America and Latin America in 2017. The network’s biggest international franchise follows 10-year-old Ben and his larger-than-life alien transformations that will cause fans of all ages to want to discover their inner hero.

Ben 10 | Global First Look – “Diamondhead Transformation”

The excitement continued with a sneak peek at the multiplatform series, Mighty Magiswords, created by Kyle A. Carrozza, premiering later this fall. After viewing a clip from “Keeper of the Mask,” brand-new, zombie pumpkin Magiswords were given away to fans to start enjoying their own warrior adventures in advance of the linear series.

Mighty Magiswords | Sneak Peek – “Keeper of the Mask”

Fans strutted their favorite Cartoon Network characters signature looks as Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar, Spencer Rothbell (Head of Story and Voice of Clarence) and Eric Bauza (Voice of Uncle Grandpa’s Belly Bag) joined Carrozza as judges for the highly anticipated costume ball.

Full-length episodes from Steven Universe and Clarence premiered, and fans in attendance got a first look at an upcoming new episode of the fan-favorite and Emmy® Award-winning Regular Show. In the episode “One Space Day At A Time,” panic ensues after the Park is launched into space.

Regular Show | Sneak Peek – “One Space Day At A Time”


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