Interview with Jacques-Rémy GIRERD, director of „Tante Hilda!” film


Jacques-Rémy GIRERD, Folimage studio founder, speaks to about animated film „Tante Hilda” which will be released in theaters in France on February 14, 2014.

We recall that Jacques-Rémy GIRERD directed „Mia et le Migou” (2008), award-winning animated film European Film Awards for Best Animated Feature at the 22nd European Film Awards.

In the interview below, the French director answer some questions with humor 🙂

„Tante Hilda!”

Synopsis: Aunt Hilda, lover of nature, has collected tens of tens of thousands of plants from all over the world. She keeps them in a plant museum protected from any pollution. Many begin to disappear. At the same time, a new cereal, Attilem, invented by the food-processing industry, is produced with so little water, without fertilizer, that it appears in the eyes of all as the miracle solution to stop the world hunger and replace the oil reserves.
Duration: 81 mins
Countries: France/Luxembourg
Production: Folimage Valence (France), Mélusine Productions (Luxembourg), Studio 352 (Luxembourg), France 3 Cinema (France), Rhone-Alpes Cinema (France)
Directors: Jacques-Rémy Girerd, Benoit Chieux
Writers: Benoit Chieux, Iouri Tcherenkov, Jacques-Rémy Girerd
Producers: Jacques-Rémy Girerd, Stéphan Roelants, Grégory Faes, Daniel Godineau, Thierry Desmichelle

Daniel Todoran-Rares: What is Tante Hilda about?

Jacques-Rémy GIRERD: About globalization, ethics and ecology, well, all topics which constitute a sensitive issue nowadays.

Daniel Todoran-Rares: What animation techniques are used in this production?

Jacques-Rémy GIRERD: The technique used is 2D animation, traditional because everything is hand-drawn but also with a high level of technology when it comes to special effects which are numerous.

Daniel Todoran-Rares: How many people worked at Tante Hilda?

Jacques-Rémy GIRERD: Around two hundred technicians and artists.

Daniel Todoran-Rares: Is an animated film for children?

Jacques-Rémy GIRERD: Why not. Actually Tante Hilda ! is an all-audience film. The different levels of reading shall interest all population groups. I am pretty sure that you’ll enjoy it yourself.

Daniel Todoran-Rares: When will it be released in theaters?

Jacques-Rémy GIRERD: On 2014, February 14th in France, if the subprime crisis doesn’t swallow us all before.

Daniel Todoran-Rares: Animated film was released at the International Film Festival of Annecy animation? How audiences reacted to watching film production?

Jacques-Rémy GIRERD: Excellents. This is the second time I have been granted with a standing ovation, but this one was particularly long and warm. This is a good omen.

Daniel Todoran-Rares: How do you feel after realizing Tante Hilda, the third animated feature film signed by you?

Jacques-Rémy GIRERD: Like somebody who just finished a job, maybe the job of my life because it will be my last feature film. Tired, but happy!

Daniel Todoran-Rares: What animation means for your?

Jacques-Rémy GIRERD: Giving life to something inanimate, giving a soul to pieces of string. It feels great!

Daniel Todoran-Rares: From who did you learn animation?

Jacques-Rémy GIRERD: I don’t know ? From life in general, from the surrounding world, from my readings and my feelings. Maybe also from my childhood.

Daniel Todoran-Rares: What is the recipe for success in this field?

Jacques-Rémy GIRERD: No recipe, except the American’s one, aka the cartoon one. In Folimage we distrust recipes, we fear them. A new film means a new invention, new graphics, new challenge.

Daniel Todoran-Rares: What is the difference between animation made ​​by American studios and those made by Folimage?

Jacques-Rémy GIRERD: The answer is yours to tell. It shall be easy.

Daniel Todoran-Rares: What is the next animation project of Folimage?

Jacques-Rémy GIRERD: „Phantom Boy” by Jean-Loup Felicioli an Alain Gagnol (directors of  „A Cat in Paris”, a wonderful polar).

Daniel Todoran-Rares: How do you decide about the next animation project?

Jacques-Rémy GIRERD: When you feel like it. And I don’t feel like anymore. I am going to focus my work on transmission, and help young people to access the joys of direction.

Daniel Todoran-Rares: Are you looking for visual storybook filmed?

Jacques-Rémy GIRERD: This is an interesting idea. I might think about it.

Daniel Todoran-Rares: Or do you already have different  subjects of the film noted in your notebook? How do you choose topics for animated films?

Jacques-Rémy GIRERD: Topics I choose are philosophic ones which have in general to do with the world global news. They impose themselves.

Daniel Todoran-Rares: Folimage was affected by the economic crisis?

Jacques-Rémy GIRERD: Not that I know. We are fine and the studio deals with an impressive pool of good creators. We foresee far away in the future, at least until year 3000.

Daniel Todoran-Rares: Will Folimage open studios outside of France?

Jacques-Rémy GIRERD: We are indeed thinking about establishing a branch on the planet Mars. But not before 2017 or even 2018.

Daniel Todoran-Rares: Possible in Eastern Europe?

Jacques-Rémy GIRERD: Yes but then at the Cold War time.

Daniel Todoran-Rares: What do you think about contemporary European animation?

Jacques-Rémy GIRERD: She is looking for herself and that is very pleasant.