Pixar’s Dinosaur is good and brave

Two years ago, Disney Company said that Pixar had problems with production The Good Dinosaur, not clearly saying what it was. They announced that Bob Peterson (a veteran of Pixar’s) was removed from this project and they dismissed dozens of animators from Pixar Studio in the US and closed the Pixar Studio in Canada.

They had been working at this animation for six years. The premiere of the animated feature film The Good Dinosaur was delayed 18 months, from 30 May 2014 to 25 November 2015.
In September 2013, Pixar’s president Ed Catmull said for The Times: “Nobody ever remembers the fact that you slipped a film, but they will remember a bad film. Our conclusion was that we were going to give the [dinosaur] film some more time.”

I do not know what their complaints were regarding this project. On the Internet nobody talks about it.

Seeing the animation at the cinema, I think that Pixar team has not had enough time for this project. Visually, The Good Dinosaur is perfect. The characters are cute and funny, relatively original, but well made. Pixar was lost in the details of landscape, creating the impression that it is a CGI animation for a documentary about the fauna of dinosaur’s period. It is impressive to see how far they went in animation technology. The landscapes are gorgeous. I had the impression that they are real. Unfortunately the visual is not supported by a good story. Compared to other productions of animated dinosaurs, Pixar doesn’t bring anything new as cinematic language. The story of The Good Dinosaur is more similar to those animations for children. I hopped to see a film dedicated also to the adults, as we have become accustomed to the first Pixar animations. The entire production is a parade of Pixar’s technological strength.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed by the story of the little dinosaur and his family of „texans” farmers. The beginning is quite boring, entire family members are ok, cultivating and living their lives. The smallest member of the family is fearful, being afraid of everything. One day his father gives him a mission: to guard the silo because someone was stealing the corn. Who do you think was sneaking through the dinosaur’s farm? – Just a little boy.

The advantage of production The Good Dinosaur is precisely the relationship between those two characters. The little boy reminds me of the baby in The Ice Age or The Croods. The movie has many scenes similar to those in other productions, such as The Ice Age, for example the one when the child meets his family. The negative characters (prehistoric birds) resemble the vultures in the classical Disney production, The Jungle Book.

The play is directed by the animator and actor Peter Sohn, who made the short Partly Cloud.
The screenplay is written by director Eric Benson with Meg LeFauve (Inside Out), Kelsey Mann and Bob Peterson (Inside Out, Up, Ratatouille).

The Good Dinosaur is about family and courage and I recommend it for children. They will be fascinated by the visual effects and they will have so much fun watching the two characters. The animation has action, a bit of drama but also funny moments.
Enjoy it!