Platige Image: animation for kids

Platige Image


Platige Image created a 25-minute-long animation called “Hero and The Message”, commissioned by Al Rayyan Productions for Qatar’s National Day celebrations organizing committee,

The film will serve as part of a campaign promoting values important to the development of the Qatari national Identity, traditions and expanding the Qataris’ historical and cultural awareness. The campaign’s target audience are Qatari kids who will be implementing “Dream 2030”, which derived from Qatar’s National Vision 2030. The program includes ambitious undertakings such as the 2022 FIFA World Cup and a fast rail project.


“Hero and The Message” is a story of Mohammad and Lulua., two siblings who travel in time with the help of an ultra high-tech train and get involved in key events of Qatari history. The movie premiered during the 2012 Qatar National Day, on December 18. The animation was also presented on Qatari television, in cinemas, and during special screenings, including one at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha and Katara.


The film was based on an idea put forward by Al Rayyan Productions, the company that oversaw and consulted the entire project, while the screenplay was written at Platige Image. The studio also handled the entire visual workload. The movie was directed by Paweł Borowski, with Damian Nenow serving as animation director and Grzegorz Kukuś as CG supervisor.

It’s a film for kids – an audience that’s especially sensitive to boredom and lack of sincerity. The challenge was even bigger, as this was supposed to be a piece of entertainment with significant educational value. To make this piece of history and tale of true bravery attractive to young audiences, we decided to ground the movie in fast-paced action sequences peppered with humor and create diverse characters with real, non-cartoonish emotions – says Paweł Borowski.

We set out to work convinced that our animation needs to be very dynamic, filled with plot twists and changes in scenery. We wanted our story to be both accessible and visually appealing, so that viewers of all ages could find something to look forward to – adds Damian Nenow.

Developing the project was a significant challenge, both artistically and logistically. In just six months, the studio managed to finish 558 shots, a feat which required the reorganization of personnel as well as exemplary daily coordination of over 100 people from all over the world who were involved in the project.

If we consider the scale of the undertaking, the number of required shots, as well as the size of the production team, then “Hero and the Message” is the biggest animated project that Platige Image was involved in to date – claims Grzegorz Kukuś, CG supervisor of the project.

During these last few months, we significantly expanded our studio’s production capabilities. Working on big, long-term projects with the help of an international team seems to have become a part of our everyday life here at Platige, and we’re ready to get involved in the production of an animated feature film – says Jarosław Sawko, the CEO of Platige Image.


Platige Image and Al Rayyan Productions are currently collaborating on two new projects. One is a 30-minute-long animated movie, working title “The Battle for Al-Wajbah”, which is supposed to be a sequel to “Hero and the Message”. Just like with the first part, the sequel will premiere at the celebrations of Qatar National Day, on December 18, 2013.

Both projects are produced on behalf of Qatar’s National Day celebrations organizing committee.

The other collaboration involves creating 3D set designs for a stage play. Just like the animated movies, this production will also draw from the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Jarosław Sawko summed up the situation – We’re very glad that Platige Image productions were received so well in Qatar. Working with Al Rayyan Productions is an extraordinarily creative process. The wholehearted commitment of personnel from both companies served as the foundation upon which we established trust and a mutually beneficial working relationship. Subsequent commissions coming from Al Rayyan Productions are testament to the professionalism of our staff and the world-class quality of our work.