Pocket Animation made web animation series A history of… (VIDEO)

Pocket AnimationIulian Grigoriu established for many years in Germany, founded Pocket Animation studio together with his wife, Anca, and Tobias Gembalski and Ovidiu Paltineanu. All four are experienced animators in the European animation industry. They have at least 10 years experience in the field, with many animation films porfoliu.

Iulian, animator and animation director, has worked on many animated series and feature films. His name is found on generics of the productions: The travels of the young Marco Polo, Quest, Pinocchio, Titeuf film them, Werner 5 Kikaninchen, Paper Bag Lady, Laura Star in China, Toot and Puddle – I’ll Be Home for Christmas, Lars The Little polar Bear II, Mr. Bean: The Animated Series, Angelina Ballerina, etc…

A history of…

Coming back to the Pocket Animation studio plans, the team is aiming to develop projects in the style of traditional 2D animation to enjoy and preserve this almost lost artform. „A history of…” , their first series, shows the knowledge and admiration the team has for handrawn animation that many people have growing up with. The series will have 12 short episodes.

On this occasion, Pocket Animation attracts the interest of Internet users with topical.

All episodes will be presented in a simplistic manner, original and humorous.

Visually, „A history of…” not revolutionizing, but well done, return the „scent” of old classic animation. The strong of the production A history of… is the scenario. I will not reveal more. It will be a pleasant surprise for everyone. In the next period will see new episodes.

Returning to the Pocket Animation studio plans,the team has proposed to develop other animation projects: serials, feature films and commercials.