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Press release:

3D Wire strengthens its bet for transmedia content in the European Transmedia & New Media Call for Projects and introduces a new award for the Spanish Most Innovative Transmedia Project, along with FICOD

3D Wire takes the pulse of the industry and its tendencies in every edition, taking the novelties closer to the sector. Thanks to the innovative character, 3D Wire promotes the modernization of animation and videogames sectors by discovering and identifying new proposals and models, such as the future of stereoscopy, the use of branded content in animation, new ways of funding and crowdfunding for animation and videogames projects, HBBTV and connected television.

To celebrate the 6th edition, 3D Wire reveals in 3D Wire NEXT Program the latest in App Toys, connected toys, robotics and transmedia. One more year, 3D Wire shows its progressive position to be the ideal meeting point to find a technological partner facing new proposals, and not only an animation and videogames event.

The market of app toys and child digital entertainment in general is living a perfect moment for its expansion linked to animation series or video games. Guns connected to shooter video games, helicopters controlled from a smartphone, action figures that control tablet video games, card games that bring characters into life through augmented reality… All of these bring toy business closer to animation and videogame world, specifically to those who develop content for these devices. Thanks to these new players that come into the sector, animation projects find a supplementary way of funding.

In order to introduce the present synergies between animation and video games with traditional toys, Thursday October 2nd we are enjoying the talk App toys and connected toys: new ways of animation funding (10:15-11:30 a.m.).

We count on the participation of Paco Asensi, Managing Director of Endemol Beyond as main moderator in the following talks:

-TWINSPRITE. Twinsprite is a new technology in things internet. It enables the connection between physical and virtual worlds, bringing toys into life through videogames for mobile devices. The cloud platform enables monitoring a toy’s story while playing with it in different games and platforms. Twinsprite is perfect for toys manufacturers wanting to go into the digital world and for videogames developers wanting to monetize their games through physical objects, and it hopes to turn into a standard technology for these aims. Speaker: Unai Labirua, Founding Partner of TWINSPRITE.

-KD GROUP: KD Group is a dynamic and synergic organization willing to constant evolution. KD Group develops and manufactures educative and innovative toys for kids with an attractive design and the latest technology. It has joined together with important licenses such as Peppa Pig, Disney Princess, Postman Pat, Bob The Builder, Fireman Sam, Ba-Bar, Pokemon, Pocoyó, HandzOn, Mike The Knight, JCB, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Arthur, Ben and Holly, Tatty Teddy, Pixie and so on. Speaker: Daniel Martínez, Executive Producer of KD Group.

-ARSGAMES. ARSGAMES’s experience with app toys reduces to… creating them with the kids! In Gamestar(t) they love to tinker and create inventions by disassembling old gadgets and turning them into robots, motion senses and time machines. Speakers: Eurídice Cabañes Martínez and María Rubio Méndez, President and Vice President of ARSGAMES.

-IMAGINARIUM. Imaginarium presents I-wow, an innovative series of games that combine the best of physical toys and of the most advanced technology to create a new ground-breaking gaming experience and turn it into a unique learning moment. Through augmented reality and interaction between objects and mobile screens, it links traditional toys and apps. Speakers: Guillermo Aragón, Web-Content Manager of Imaginarium.

-BRB International. International company with over 40 years of experience in high-quality contents’ production, distribution and licenses. Its animation work has travelled around the world and characters such as David the Gnome, D’Artacan or Willy Fog have become classics. Nowadays, BRB produces successful series through its studio Screen 21 (Talking Tom and Friends, Invizimals, Filly Funtasia, Mica, Bernard…) that include the latest in design and technology, while getting to be in the vanguard of the audiovisual field in New Techonologies and Digital Media. In licenses field, it manages Invizimals brand of Sony Computer Entertainment, among others, that has toys with elements of augmented reality thanks to the Invizimals: Revolution app. Speaker: María Vega, Digital Content Development of BRB International.

Moreover, 3D Wire NEXT will go into detail about the relationship and possibilities between robotics and electronic leisure, and the future of both industries. That’s why Saturday October 4th it will take place the talk Synergies between robotics and videogames (17:15-18-15 p.m.) with the following speakers: Carmelo Javier Muñoz Ruiz, Director of the National Telecommunication and Information Society Observatory (ONTSI) of Red.es; Daniel Bayón, CEO of Juguetrónica; Diego García Sánchez, Engineering and Product Development Director of Aisoy Robotics R&D; and Víctor Martín and Joaquín López, CEO and Cofounder, and Managing Director of MACCO ROBOTICS.


3D Wire’s reflexion about transmedia narrative will put the final touch to 3D Wire NEXT 2014 program. Transmedia has turned into the perfect opportunity for contents to reach a wider audience.

As an introduction, before the presentation of transmedia projects in this 6th edition of 3D Wire, it will be hold the talk Introduction of Conducttr, a talk about the platform and the possibility of using it for creating and producing animation and videogame transmedia projects. The transmedia storytelling means a big emergence of contents and creativity that mix through different ways and turn the user into the main protagonist of the narration. Conducttr, the multiplatform interactive storytelling software, expands greatly the possibilities of every creative project with no need of working on additional development, enabling superimposing fiction layers in the world around us. Speaker: Belén Santa-Olalla, Senior Creative Consultant of Conducttr.
Finally, the European Transmedia Projects Presentation will take place, being Paco Asensi, Managing Director of Endemol Beyond, main moderator. For the first time in 3D Wire, the most important European projects created specifically for more than two platforms will be presented.

The main objective of the European Transmedia & New Media Call for Projects is stimulating and easing European coproduction to strengthen the capacity of the European audiovisual field in the effectiveness in a transnational scale. Stimulating the European animation and videogame market, increasing the visibility and circulation of EU projects and helping to find new partners to fund, develop and create strong European IPs of transmedia projects. In this first edition, the following projects will be presented:
-URBANCE. (Denis Friedman Productions, Steambot, Teenagers and Adults). Transmedia animation project presented in the first edition of Cartoon 360. It begins with the notion of a world that lives a gender war. Sex is forbidden due to a mortal genetic virus that affects the whole male population. Teenage boys and girls are grown up separately as enemies, creating street gangs. Among them, Kenzell and Lesya will fight against adversity and defy all the rules to live their love and restore peace. Speaker: Denis Friedman, Producer and Executive Producer of Denis Friedman Productions.

-STREET CROSSER. (Noobware, All Ages). Transmedia animation project of social awareness-raising about the danger of crossing the streets without looking both ways before. In Brazil and specifically in São Paulo this is a very important problema that brings thousands of deaths all over the country. Speaker: Andrés Ortega, Creative Director of Noobware.

-SHIPANTICS. (Studio PWOWW, Child Audience). Transmedia animation project presented in the first edition of Cartoon 360. It is a transmedia animation franchise that combines animation with several puzzle and challenge videogames. Nowadays, last July 24th StoryToys, leader interactive books and kids games publisher, announces the releasing of the first chapter: ShipAntics – The Legend of the Kiki Beast. Speaker: Eoghan Dalton, STUDIO POWWOW, Director of ShipAntics.

Of all the projects appearing in 3D Wire 2014 catalog, Spanish transmedia projects will aim for the following recognition: FICOD Award for the Most Innovative Spanish Transmedia Project, granted by FICOD (Digital Contents International Forum), organized by Red.es of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. Carmelo Javier Muñoz Ruiz, Director of ONTSI of Red.es, will hand the recognition during the closing party of 3D Wire 2014 on Saturday October 4th. Moreover, this year FICOD begins to collaborate with 3D Wire as sponsor and it will present the keys and objectives of its 6th edition of 2015 on Saturday October 4th (19:00-19:15 p.m.).