Pixar returns to Anim`est

Pixar The collaboration between Pixar and Anim’est continues! For the second consecutive year, a representative of the famous studio will teach the Romanian public a true lesson of animation. Alex Woo, story artist at Pixar, sets an appointment with the fans on Friday, October 11, at 18:30 at Cinema Patria. He will tell the audience about some of the most successful titles of the studio and why „Story is king” at Pixar.

After graduating from high school in Hong Kong, Alex Woo ventured to New York and enrolled at the Tisch School of the Arts, where he completed his studies in film production / TV. His graduation production, Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher, won numerous awards including an Oscar for student film, achieved honors in 2004, Director’s Guild of America Student Filmmaker Award and an Emmy for students.

In 2005, Woo was a member of Kodak Emerging Filmmakers Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival. Also, Alex teaches the drawing of gestures course, weekly, at the Pixar University and, online, on Schoolism.com.

Ratatouille, WALL-E and Cars 2 are some of the productions he worked at.
Today, Alex Woo is involved in a new Pixar production, Finding Dory (sequel to „Finding Nemo”) and with the animated film The Good Dinosaur.

Pixar Animation Studios is the leading digital animation studio in the world. An award winning company specializing in innovative graphics technologies. The Pixar Animation Studio created the RenderMan software used for hyperrealistic and high quality image playback.