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Show Me The Animation

Press release:

Show Me The Animation are currently in development of an iOS app to showcase of some of the best animation from around the world, from both award-winning animators to up-and-coming animation talent. Show Me The Animation have been busy recently developing the app and securing some top talent and now we are holding an open call for entries for filmmakers interested in being included within the app. Continue reading for more details about the app and information on how to apply….

Within the app users will be able to stream the selected films on there device as well as having the option to download the films as well. Each film will be available under 1 of three payment models outlined further below.

Through the showcase of these animated short films, Show Me The Animation is opening up opportunities for film makers to earn revenue for the film showcased in the app and help support the independent animation scene.

The Show Me The Animation app will be available for free across iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPad Mini).

The app allows both streaming and download of films, with the film protected after it is downloaded on the device. Users do not have access to the video file, they can only play it from their device and will not be able to share the physical copy of the films with others.

For filmmakers included in the app, Show Me The Animation is offering an attractive revenue share with various payment options for the filmmaker to choose from.
Payment options:
1) Ad supported: Have your film available to view for free, with revenue earn’t through interstitial ads that roll at the beginning and end of your film.
2) Pay-what-you-want: Allow the audience to decide how much they wish to pay for your film with 3 payment options available (£0.99, £1.99, £4.99). The Pay-what-you-want option will be available through a ‘Fuel’ button accessible both before and after viewing the film (e.g the audience can still view for free if they wish)
3) Premium: Require payment for the audience to view your film and set the price you wish to sell it for.

No matter which payment option is chosen the revenue split remains the same and after Apple’s 30% fee is accounted for is shared top heavy with film makers:
Filmmakers – 85%
Show Me The Animation – 15% (to cover development and administration costs)
As an example for a £1.99 fee payed for a Premium or PWYW film 30% is taken by Apple leaving £1.39. This £1.39 is then split 85/15 or £1.18/£0.21.
For those wishing to take up the advertising option ad revenue will be more variable dependant of views and click through rates, but the split remains the same 85/15.

• Additional mobile revenue stream with worldwide reach.

• Your film is protected. Users do not have access to the video file, after film is download to the device.

• Build audience by social marketing, each film has its own social sharing features allow viewers to tell their social circles about your film and connect with you via social media.

• Provide feedback and analytics for streaming and downloading of your film. Upon request we can provide full analytics for your film.