Trunk’s amazing directors Alasdair + Jock have just finished a brilliant new Lyric video for Lily Allen

Trunk AnimationPress release

The duo were commissioned by Sam Seager at Parlophone to create a lyric video for Lily Allen’s new song Air Balloon, the second single to be released from her as yet un-named third album.

The fun and lively video is in Alasdair + Jock’s distinctive and iconic style, and echoes their wonderful projection onto Buckingham Palace for Madness’s ‘It Must Be Love’, shown during the Queens Diamond Jubilee concert

The new video features a host of Alasdair + Jock’s trademark imagery along with their vibrant colour palette. The typography partially inspired by American neo-pop artist Jeff Koons is rendered in balloon writing, with sentences filling and deflating, and bursting with little puffs of smoke.

To reach the tight deadline the entire video was turned around in an amazing seven days, and it was certainly a full on affair for all involved, especially the directors who worked tirelessly. After creating lyric vids for both ‘The Rolling Stones’ and ‘Vampire Weekend’, this will be Trunk’s third foray into the genre. Producer and MD Richard Barnett notes, ‘As long as we’re into the track, and we have the creative freedom, then they can be great fun to make”. Whilst Jock Mooney added “Working to such an incredibly tight deadline certainly focused the creative process. We knew what we wanted to do was visually ambitious and nearly impossible in the time we had, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to create something that wasn’t as visually sleek and as impressive as we could possibly make”. With Alasdair adding that, „Even though it felt like the undersides of my eyelids were covered in sandpaper I’m glad we stuck to our guns. It’s always worth it in the end!

Director: Alasdair+Jock
Producer: Richard Barnett
Illustrator: Jock Mooney
Animation: Layla Atkinson, Pedro Lino, Alasdair Brotherston, Leslie Dart
Commissioner: Sam Seager
Artist: Lily Allen
Record Co: Parlaphone
Prod Co: Trunk Animation