Interview with Hugo Cierzniak, director of short film Dip N’ Dance

Dip N' Dance

Dip N’ Dance an independant short film directed by Hugo Cierzniak and produced at Delapost Paris. The story is about a forty-year old middle-class who loves his domotics to toe the line. He will figure out, in a musical way, that things you own end up owning you.

This project did not receive any financial help except from all the generous donators through Touscoprod and Delapost Paris.


What does animation mean for you?

To me animation is the medium which allows you tell what live action can’t do. THe only limit with animation is the creativity of the filmmaker. You can always learn so many things in animation, 2D, 3D, Stop motion, mixed techniques… I think each story has his graphic style and animation is the best way to explore news graphics universes.

From whom did you learn animation?

From books essentially. The school I come from wasn’ t really a school where animation was taught and I made my first steps thanks to Richard Williams and his Animator’s survival Kit. Then, I rode other books and practiced a lot! Today I continue to learn from mentors in production on feature films and I’m sure I’ve got some much more to learn!

What projects have you worked on?

Well, I worked on many TV show projects when I began as an animator a Teamto like International Hareport, The adventures of Badou, Angelo’s rules and Oscar & Co. Then I moved to Paris and worked on many commercials and other short productions. You can drop an eye on my linked in for the details ( Lastly, I’ve had the opportunity to work on my first feature flm as a character animator on „Asterix and the Lands of the Gods” directed by Louis Clichy and Alexandre Astier at Mikros.

Please, tell me about your work on Asterix, le Domaine Des Dieux.

Well, I was pretty lucky to join this production because it was really awesome! I’ve had the opportunity to work with Patrick Delage as Director of Animation and he has been like a mentor to me. I’ve had – and still have – so many things to learn from a passioned man like him who worked 15 years at Disney and 5 years at Pixar. Working with a director like Louis Clichy was astonishing as well and they’re both really inspiring and talented people to work with. I improved myself so much thanks to them.

How would you describe Dip N’ Dance?

I would describe Dip N’ Dance as my really first short film. I hope I’ve proposed something a little new graphically speaking and wish I entertained the audience for 6 minutes with this story. I really hope this movie will be worldwide seen and will allow me to work on other films as a director.

What is the message of the film?

The story of Dip N’ Dance has been told as a funny way to denounce abuses in our consumer society and technological progress which are not always mastered, and insists on the opening sentence from Tyler Durden in Fight club, that things you own end up owning you!

What kind of animated films do you like?

I love the animated with a original story and strong characters I can empathize with. I think that’s why „Geri’s Game” from Jan Pinkava is one of my favourite!

What future projects do you have?

Well, for a further future I’ve got a more „mature” film which is supposed to talk about the picture of the beauty we can have in our occidental society. Sounds a little bit boring this way but It will be great! I just have to take the time to think about it and get a solid narrative base.

On a closer future, I hope I’ll be able to release at the end of this summer a one minute short film in stop motion with 8-bit electro dubstep. All I can say is… It’s gonna be „hairy”!

What would you like to do in life that you couldn’t do it because of lack of time, resources, etc..?

If I was ultra rich and have all the time I need, I would make all the shorts films I’ve got in mind. I’m not even sure I would be ableto achieve them all… I should be immortal as well or live at least 200 years!!