Marian Poiana, won the award for the Best Romanian Film with „Voyage” (VIDEO)

Voyage, a short film directed by Marian Poiana, an experienced romanian animator, won the award for the Best Romanian Film at Animest 2015. His name is found on generics Angelina Ballerina, Mr. Bean, Laura Star, Lars the Polar Bear and Fire & Ice.

Currently he is working as a Lead Artist at INDG, a Romanian-Dutch company that delivers CGI products and digital packages for clients with very important names.

„A simplistic description would be the return of a war veteran from the front. In principle it is an anti-war film and how it influences our lives, both for combatants and for the spectators …

A sequence of events and dreams that lead to a sad end, the love story of a couple, radically influenced by war. The story is inspired by real events that happened right in our country during the Second World War ” said Marian Poiana.